What Is T a n t r a ?

Tantra is a way of life.
 Tantra is bringing Consciousness (universel masculine) and love (universal feminine) into every aspect of our lives. A never ending process.

Tantra is about reaching our spiritual side through our body and senses.

The heart center holds the key to lift and purify the lower three centers: The root center: Survival, money, stability and security. The sacral center: Passion, pleasure, sex, creativity, and the ability to express our emotionality. The solar plexus center: Will power, personal power and confidence.

This purification and activation process from merging the heart energy, with the lower centers, gives power and way to open up to the higher centers: Throat, third eye and crown center.

Tantra invites os on a healing journey into our hearts and core wounds through self love. Asking us to move through our pain (not away from it), in order, to integrate our shadows within with love and awareness.

On this journey we are encouraged to question our limited beliefs, to heal and reconnect with our inner child, as well as heal the masculine and feminine energy within. This will allow us to become more free, whole and present, and let love and authenticity take lead in our lives. So that we can get closer aligned with our soul, and live our higher life purpose.

Becoming innocent once again, just with integrated wisdom.

Tantra is Love. Tantra is Awareness.
Tools to reconnect us with our Soul

And in this way, one could say that tantra in its core is the inner energy opening, or if you prefer, an inner attitude, way and approach.

Tantra is not sexual style, a position, an
exercise or an erotic massage.
Tantra is not a physical form.

But one can with advantage use techniques and methods in one's tantric practice, especially: Kundalini yoga, meditation, breath work, dance etc.

And one can add Tantra to the physical form or exercise; the erotic massage, sex or a certain practice no matter what it might look like.
"The sexual energy is our life force.
It can be used consciously or unconsciously, for good or bad. Tantra is bringing love and awareness into our sexuality, to guide it from the unconscious and mundane level, into higher states of expansion and bliss."
"If you bring forth what's within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what's within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."     
- Jeshua