The Healthy
Masculine Archetype

"Leadership With Love"
(The Mastery Of Energy)

Balanced & Healed:

• He is connected to his higher purpose

• He is dedicated towards t
he higher cause and the greater good.

• He stands in his vertical power like a warrior of strength.

• He leads with love.

• He, not alone conquers outer goals, but also his inner world. With strength he will face his emotional fears, and gain ownership over his insecurities.

• He is guided by truth and justice.

• He respects himself, because he is pure in thought, act and heart.

• He is empathetic, and listens from his heart.

• He protects and respects women
(he doesn't prey on women). Because his ultimate goal and driving force is to serve the universal feminine: Love.


The role of the masculine, is to be the strength and support of the feminine (not repressive, controlling or domineering). The feminine is by nature emotional and fluctuating and has for this reason has lot's of emotional outburst

A man doesn't help a woman by being all up in his head, and advising her from here, in a detached style. He also doesn't help her by being aggressive or shutting her down. Neither does he help her by running away, (or draw inwards) and in this way acting feminine (emotional).

He does help her, though, by being the strenght in her life, being that vertical power, and leader, bringing accept, grounding and presence, which will make her feel safe and trust him, this will open and soften her towards him. Which again will cause positive polarization between the two, and the mutual attraction will rise.

For this to happen, the masculine has to meet himself first, on the inside. Take that inner journey. Heale from the inside - and get into his own heart. For you cannot be something for another, you can't be for yourself first.

The problem with a lot of men is that they are easily frightening by women's energy, power, emotionality and outburst. Because they themselves are fragile on the inside.There can be a lot of reasons for this, for example upbringing and culture. But it can be worked with, if one chooses to.

Women will instantly pick up on this, and therefore will instinctively feel unsafe to open up towards this type of man (as she seeks a safe platform for her energy to be contained and held), which will make her act smaller, or she will become dominant and masculine, which will cause the relationship to get out of balance, and kill the attraction. 

Men has the seamen, and therefore has the power. It is loaded with potency. A man needs to become aware how he uses (or misuses) this potent energy. He has the power to open a woman up, but he will have to consciously learn to control and channel his energy towards a higher and spiritual path or goal. In this way he will gain the respect as a true and loving leader, and he will automatically get the best of a woman, because she will feel amazing and safe around him.

A man shouldn't be focused on being dominant, as this will be the ego speaking. He should instead focus on how he can make a woman feel safe, and how he can serve the higher cause. In this way he will automatically become a beautiful leader, and gain respect.