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Qadesh (Kadesh) was back in the ancient orient the Goddess of nature, beauty and sexual pleasure. The root word "Qadash" means "to consecrate" or "sacred".

Qedeshah's (Kadesha - Kadasha) is a specialized consecrated woman. The Qadesha's was in ancient times viewed as sacred women, holy prostitutes, who were devoted to serve the Goddess of love. They had a high social status, as the practice of sacred or spiritual sex was viewed of great importance.

Only later was sex and sexuality tabooed, shamed and hidden away. And for this reason became a more unconscious force in humanity, and therefore also potentially destructive.

Kadasha Tantra aim to merge consciousness and love with the sexuality, as well as with all other aspects of the human being and life, in order to get closer to live our full potential.

"Of what avail is it, when we can travel to the moon if we cannot cross the abyss that separate us from ourselves.

This is the most important of all journeys, and without it, all the rest is useless".

-Thomas Merton