S t r e s s
The Cause & How To Handle

Stress occurs, when our actions and
personality has a behavioral pattern, which is out of alignment with our internal rhythm and out body's true needs.

This will cause disharmony, and the signals of the body, which to begin with are tiny, will grow bigger and bigger, in attempt to make us aware that we are headed in the wrong direction.

When we constantly act against ourselves, we will gradually wear out our energy reserves. And if first the body reaches the point of a serious breakdown, it will take a lot of time and effort to rebuild it. Just as a car would. Unfortunately it is oftentimes only at this point a lot of people begin to wake up and take themselves seriously.

As I have described in the text " The inner
child", we all go through "the childhood mill" where we learn to repress parts of ourselves to "survive" and fit in - though in different ways and to various degrees. This is when the seed of stress is planted into our system. This "survival-behavior" will be adopted into our personality and adult life, and it becomes the weak point in the chain that was supposed to carry us.

A typical example could be, the man who in his upbringing rarely was seen for who he was on the inside (soul, needs, emotions), but primarily acknowledged for his accomplishments on the outside. For this reason he has now learned to associate his value with his outer achievements. He has adopted the same perception of himself, and doesn't feel or acknowledge his inner needs or feelings. He has become an "achiever machine". Until everything crashes, and he is forced into confrontation with his unhealthy behavioral patterns, which triggers thoughts of who he truly is, and how he can find his way back to himself.

To be out of alignment with one's soul, emotions and body, and only live from the head, which is the case for a lot of people today, is a dangerous track. Especially in the time we live in now, as everything is going faster and faster, and the hamsterwheel is spinning out of control. It is our own responsibility to put in the brakes, as no one else will do it for us.

We are potentially facing a crisis on a huge collective human scale in the time ahead of us, if it hasn't happened already, because it is so easy to loose oneself and just follow the slippery slope of society.

In my work with spirituality, healing and tantra I guide you back into the deeper parts of yourself, your psyche and your body. Enabling you to come back to yourself and restore your inner harmony.

In addition I recommend you to integrate these 7 practices into your life, to help you out of stress, and maintain a stress-free life. You don't have to follow it slavishly, but rather let it inspire you.

1) Meditation. Sitting, or while you go for a walk in nature. Get used to be calm, empty and present, without your thoughts are with you all the time. Get out of your subjective brain, and get into your observer mind as much as possible.

2) Practice Love/Heart-consciousness through gratitude. It will lift your energy, you will go into flow, connectedness, ease and positivity. The heart/love transforms lower thoughts and feelings to healing nectar.

3) Clean your life up: Cut down your belongings, and keep only what you need and what brings you joy. What do you need the rest for? In the same way; limit what you spend your time on, what you buy, what you consume through television and media to what lifts you up and adds value to your life.

4) Limit your intake of sugar and aspartame. Eat instead proper fresh foods as; cabbage, leafy greens, root vegetables, ginger and brown rice which creates yang energy (centeredness). Also it's good to eat dishes that has cooked for long time, as it adds warmth to the body. Drink herbal teas instead of coffee, as it brings calmness and harmonization.

5) Breath: Always inhale through the nose - it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. Find a calm breath.

6) Grounding and earthing: Get into nature, and get into contact with your root chakra. Consider buying shoes or soles with earthing effect.

7) Do shadow-work: Get to know the cause behind your misalignment. Don't be afraid to meet your demons, pain and fear. They will only be able to damage us, as long as we refuse to look at them.