Modern Man
I n  A  W o r l d  O f
S t r o n g  W o m e n

Humanity is just coming out of a time when men dominated the world, and where women were counted for nothing, really, or just as slaves, servants, and wife's to breed children, who had to do as they were told.

As I have already covered in the text "The Primordial Woman", there was a war going on against women's dark inner powers; women couldn't be powerful, occult or sexual.

But at the same time, there also was a war against men's emotionality; men were not supposed to show weakness, emotions or to cry. They were expected to be in the role as the strong and brave masculine heros, which made it difficult for a lot of men to develop their feminine side, their emotionality and heart chakra. This instead became the shadow in many men, and this still needs to be healed and integrated in a lot of men to this day.

But in the past - because men were "pushed out of their emotional side" - it became very easy for them to slide into tyranni, hardness, narcissism and other masculine imbalances, such as predation and exploitation of women, because inner imbalances will always reflect one's external behavior.

The sexes were polarised into two narrow and opposite directions. Men and women were subtly directed towards playing their given roles, and live up to them as best they could, as society expected from them.

Even though women today have re-entered the world stage in almost every way, and many of the old structures are dissolving in exchange of new ones, we still need a showdown with men and women's deeper identity; healing of the old wounds, which have been passed down and inherited. We need to understand better who we really are on a deeper level, and how we go about unfolding this potential as men and women.

With the femininist movement, the anger of women came out, and pointed their fingers at mens masculinity, and threw shame after it. So now, it was no longer popular to be old fashioned masculine. But the women acted in anger without really considering the deeper cause behind it; the imbalance inside of men, which was causing the tyranni.

Therefore men could no any longer lean on that one leg they had to stand on. One could say that men's own tyranni hit them straight back in their balls. But to pass on the rotten egg, the shame and the suppression is of help to no one.

That's why men stand in a difficult position today, especially if they haven't/don't deal with the shame, and make an effort to reconnect to these two areas within himself: The masculine self and the emotional self, which is of paramount importance for becoming a whole, lovely and well rounded masculine personality. It's like salt and sugar in bread, both need to be added for the right balance and taste to be achieved:

1) Heart consciousness, compassion, empathy. Being in contact with one's emotions. Vulnerability 

2) Masculine power. Strength, bravery, leadership. The inner warrior. Vertical axis, determination, firmness and discipline. Connected to one's higher purpose and direction in life.

For, if a man cannot stand strong in these two areas within himself, then what is he reduced to? Deviant, coach potato, "running away from women and emotions", phone addict, porn addict, gamer, abuser, narcissist, indifferent, bland, passive part of a relationship, where the woman is domanitating everything, primitive, withholding, afraid, "a straw in the wind" or manipulative.

None of these characteristics are expression of healthy masculine behavior, yet many men have one or more of these traits.

It has become the norm for a lot of men to have a passive role behind a strong woman. 

A lot of men have now been reduced to a minimum, all while they do shady business on the side, as a way to soothe themselves, and as a substitute for all their inner holes and flaws, which they don't manage to deal with.

The fact that many men, now find themself pushed up against a corner, might be what will trigger the beginning, for some men, to grab their lost identity by the balls, either before they completely die out or explode out in the universe and will be forgotten for the future. 

The cultural tale about men:

In continuation of the theme "the man cut off from his feelings", there today still exists a wave, that tries to tie men up to an old idea, and pull them down into a low masculine culture. For this reason stories are told, that reduces men to muscles and biology; "he is basically only interested in mating with a women, and doesn't really care after that, because he then already has moved on to the next women, as this is his nature". And a man can absolutely sink down to this level if he practices carelessness long enough, which many men also have, and many still do.

But it is not the true nature (balanced, higher) of a man. It is on the contrary only lazy, fearful and unconscious men, who adopt this kind of story as part of their identity, as a type of arrogance-mantra; then they don't have to deal with all of the vulnerable stuff inside of them. Then they can permit themselves to indulge into an ultra low materialistic life, cut off from their feelings = a life without emotional challenges, which some men find very difficult to deal with.

This type of behavior and idea has it's root in the deeper psychological wounds on the collective masculine identity, which I have already written about, because men generally have a lot of inherited vulnerability related to their emotional nature, therefore it is much easier to handle their emotions by just shutting down.

But this is not the best option for anyone.

These stories contribute to effect men to get sidetracked, and help legitimizes bad behavioral patterns, because it is always easier to fall low, break things down and live in a careless state, than it is to build something up, look within, show strength of character and do your best. Which characterizes men who have chosen their higher masculine path. 

A lot of men have a huge amount of sexual drive, which I think is only beautiful and wonderful. And this drive can be used in a beautiful way, if one chooses to, and if this is how one chooses to look at it, because then that's how it tends to become. But sexual drive, standing on it's own, without a man having developed empathy, and without he is connected with his direction in life, but instead is in the grip of his shadows, is of course potentially dangerous, because then his sexual drive will easily get sidetracked.

Men are lovely lovely human beings in their  core, but it is of great importance for men to find their direction in life. By that, I don't mean a good job, but rather the internal direction, the true soul calling, and the higher path. Then they can charge all their beautiful energy towards a positive purpose and step into their best and highest form, which they were ment to. The man is not reduced to matter. He has a soul and a heart inside him, which must be braided in with his masculine energy, to create a healthy alchemical inner balance, for him to raise up and become the best version of himself.