Tantric Sex

Is a more Feminine approach to sex and
intimacy, which is good for both sexes. It is centered around presence, timelessness & heart centeredness (love).

In tantric sex there will be fusion between the sexual energy and the heart energy: Circulation and communication between them. The heart is purifying and directing the energy from beneath.
As you undress yourself to dedicate time with your lover, you also leave behind your reward brain, competition and goal oriented mindset before entering the session.

Tantric sex is gentle and slow paced, because you are drawing in your soul, like in a meditative state. The energy you are connecting to has an all embracing and open quality to it. A nurturing love.

In this open state, the sexual energy has access to flow through your body to embrace, activate and revitalize you.

Your ability to surrender and open from inside, combined with the amount of time invested to build up the energy, will reflect the extent of your orgasm, which can be extremely powerful, transforming and healing.