Meditation For

Meditation for trauma release, self
awareness and process work. Very powerful for self-healing, breaking through obstacles and reaching next level.

"Sometimes we tend to struggle with our
demons: Repressing uncomfortable feelings or memories, project or deny things we don't like to face, or approach our problems from a moralizing and "fixing" point of view. It can happen subconsciously. But it can make us stuck in situations longer than we need, because non of these ways will give us peace. Our "issues" need first to be recognized, then felt and accepted - and be expressed emotionally through us. This is when healing and release can begin".

Sit or lay down with your spine straight.
Breath slowly and calmly through your nose.

Focus on your issue: It can be a hurt, fear, vulnerability, emotional pain, trauma or something that triggers you. Allow yourself to merge with "your issue" emotionally. Feel it, be with it, without trying to judge it, fix it, make it go away, or twist and turn it in any way. Just let it be, and be with it. Feel compassion towards it, and towards yourself. You are the observer, while at the same time merging with it. If you need to cry, express something verbally or yell, do so.

Now you can go further, if you feel like; Ask your higher self, or your body, to take you to the root of the issue. Accept the first sensation, picture or feeling that comes to you. Again let yourself see it and feel it. Be with it, as long as you need to.

You can explore further, by simply asking your body or higher self to show you whatever you want to know more about, as they hold the key to you. The answer will often come immediately, so be aware and receptive.

You might need to repeat.