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Tantra S e s s i o n s

"It's not the survival of the fittest, it's the survival of the nurtured"

- Evolutionary psychologist Casalino

Tantra Healing Touch

This session is with your cloth on

"A session which is about deep relaxation, healing and nurturing gentle touch - with a touch of sensuality and intimacy.

Be embraced by feminine energy 

I will move through your whole body from top to bottom. I will let my intuition guide me to where I place my hands and for how long. Sometimes I will hold still for a while, other times I will use gentle strokes or very slow movements. I might also place parts of my own body onto yours, to hold, embrace and transfer energy. This session is like a meditation."

1 Hour. 1000 kr / 133 Euro

With this session, there is the possibility to book a double session, to be able to go much deep into relaxation and the state of surrender, enabling you to reset your nervous system. Well suited for people with stress.

Tantra Massage

In this session you are naked.

Full naked body massage with oil. I will slowly and gently massage your whole body through, from top to bottom. 

This massage is nurturing, deeply relaxing and sensual. Surrender and be embraced by the feminine qualities of love and flow, to be de-stressed, renewed, recharged and feel amazing.

1,5 hour 2000 kr / 267 Euro

The Masseuse is dressed.


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