P r i c e s  &

Tantra S e s s i o n s

"The Rose"

Tantra Massage Level 1
(For first time visitors)

Full (naked) body massage, with oil. Including Lingam massage.

Surrender yourself to soft, nurturing, feminine sensual touch and massage. Be swept into a meditative state of warmth and wellbeing. 

It is erotic, regenerative, relaxing and building up energy.

The Masseuse is (lightly) dressed during this session.

1 hour massage: 1900 DKK / 250 Euro. 

(+ 15 minutes*) 

3 sessions within 6 months time frame: 5000 DKK / 670 Euro. 

"The Goddess"

Tantra Massage Level 2

Full (naked) body massage, with oil. Deep and intimate session, for the one who is ready to go deeper with tantra. The Masseuse is naked, and massaging with her hands and body.

Around 2 hours (Time is fluid): 3300 DKK / 440 Euro.

(+ 15 minutes*)

1:1 Session

Support / Coaching / Talk

Personal guidance. No physical touch involved.

60 min. 750 DKK / 100 euro.


* There is the possibility of having a 10-15 minute talk related to your personal process and the content of the session.


Cash, Mobile Pay, Bank transfer.