T a n t r i c  M a s s a g e 
The Art Of Touch With Intention

Our energy and intention is of great importance when we touch another human being.

In order to find into that pure energy and
intent, we need to become present.

For this it is necessary that we practice to observe, identify and understand ourselves and our own energy first, before getting involved with another persons energy - if we are not natural empathetic talents.

Touch that comes from presence and from the heart can heal.

Presence and the heart vibration has the ability to bring harmony, as presence comes from a pure, neutral and balanced place - And the heart has the ability to embrace, empathize and meet everything 1:1. Which can open things up.

A general rule is, the softer the touch, the deeper it goes energetically, because the more the body will open itself up on the more subtle levels.

The same with the tempo. A slow tempo invites the body into a hypnotic and meditative state, which will gain access to the lower brainwaves, which enhances regeneration, like in deep sleep.

It is simular to homeopathic medicine, where the higher concentrations like d4 and d6 works on the physical levels. While the more diluted d30 works on the more "far away" chronic and subconscious levels, and can pick up stuff from the "deep underground".

This doesn't not mean, that you can't play with both the tempo and "firmness" of touch. Because it is always important to be in tune with the person you are dealing with. But the touch must always come from empathy no matter what.

Touch which comes from "the head", is out of touch with energy, and cannot heal.

Touch coming from this place will on the contrary often create stress for the receiving person, as "the head" comes with a lot of subjective ideas, without being grounded in reality, or being in touch with the person it deals with, as it (the head - ego) is not in contact with itself.

In an intimate situation it can be very disturbing to recieve touch from the "head" (left brain), especially if you are sensitive: You can feel that its a manuscript, coming from the head of taught ideas. It doesn't make you feel safe, relaxed, comfortable or turned on. On the contrary it comes with a lot of pressure. It is the ego in a nut shell: Hoping to hit the right buttons and the machine will open. But the whole point is lost, because it is the connection, the feeling, and the presence in itself which is the whole point. And that we will never have if we are lost in our head.

When we touch, or are intimate with another human being, it is the fruit in itself, because when we give into the energy and are present, we become part of the magic.

Tantric sex and tantric massage is a  spiritual healing practice which utilizes the physical body, and which strives towards presence and heart opening in the meeting with one self and the other.

It can be helpful to begin with building up a strong foundation in one self first; get to know one self physically and emotionally on many levels, before it is relevant to connect with a partner. Also in this way, to get to know one owns boundaries, so we don't get hurt or get lost, especially as a woman.

Det kan være godt at starte med at opbygge et stærkt ståsted i sig selv først og møde sig selv intimt; blive bekendt med sine følelser og krop på mange niveauer, førend det er relevant at connecte med en partner. Så man derved også kender sine egne grænser og ikke kommer galt afsted, især som kvinde.

En dyb tilfredsstillende seksuel oplevelse er, hvor man helt kan mærke og hengive sig til sin egen krop, lyst og energi - fra kroppen og hjertet (ikke hovedet) - og derudfra connecte med sin partner.

Man mærker ikke sin partner, eller sig selv, fra hovedet. For hovedet (venstre hjernehalvdel) mærker ingenting, det har bare idéer, begrænsninger, frygt og overbevisninger, klynger sig fast til fortiden samt søger sine specifikke belønninger og quick fixes.

Hovedet er altid i fortiden eller i fremtiden. Hovedet er aldrig virkelig til stede.

Kun hjertet er virkelig i nuet. Og kun igennem hjertet kan vi skabe dyb connection til os selv og et andet menneske.