Info & Questions

May I touch the Masseuse during session?
No, you will have to surrender. But most times there will be a subtle mutual contact/touch, which is only natural.

It is not allowed to verbally, physically or in any other way, try to direct or control the session, any attempt of this will terminate the session.

Will I ejaculate?
I will not let it happen intentionally. But it can happen, as not everyone is used to contain a lot of build up sexual energy for a longer stretch of time.

Go to "Inspiration" page: "Ejaculation, Why & Why Not?" For more in depth about this subject.

What if I suffer from impotence?
It is perfectly fine. No problem at all.

Do you do sessions with both men and women?
In Tantra Massage I primarily work with men (women are also welcome though). Tantra Healing Touch is both for men and women.

Who can get a tantra session?
Mature and well mannered adults 18+.

You must be well groomed, presentable and arrive fresh from the shower.

If you suffer from any type of skin conditions, like fungus or bad bacterial breakouts, I cannot do a session with you, until you have had appropriate medical treatment. I am sorry.

Generally if you are sick, please stay at home.