"Responsible Leadership"
To Master His Energy)

Balanced & Healed:

He can stand in energy/chaos/emotions - and still maintain his calm, disciplin, healthy direction and his leadership. Without shutting down, trying to fix the problem away, or run away. Because he is emotionally clear with himself.

• He is connected to his higher purpose.

• He is dedicated towards the higher cause and the greater good.

• He stands in his full vertical power like a warrior of strength.

• He takes the leadership role, and leads with love.

• He is the hero that not alone conquers the outer world with confidence and strength, but also his inner (emotional) world. With strength he will face his fears.

• He is guided by truth and justice.

• He respects himself, because he is pure in thought, act and heart.

• He is in full contact with his emotions, and owns his insecurities.

• He is empathetic, and listens from his heart.

• He protects and respects women
(he doesn't prey on women). Because his ultimate goal and driving force is to serve the universal feminine: Love.

The masculine is lost when he is disconnected from love (the universal feminine). Then he will loose his direction, become destructive, and fall from grace.